Success Story

Best of luck to you, Mr. Ver-Valin!












Mr. Ver-Valin came to Green Valley Health and Wellness Suites following a hospitalization.  Upon admission, he depended on facility staff for support with all daily living tasks, given his weakened state and balance issues. The dedicated therapy team at Green Valley Health and Wellness took charge, devising an individualized treatment plan to tackle Mr. Ver-Valin weakness, enhance his balance, and offer strategies to boost his independence in daily tasks.

 Mr. Ver-Valin’s hard work are evident as he has successfully regained his balance and strength.  Now, with newfound confidence, Mr. Ver-Valin is walking over 500 feet, managing transfers without assistance, and completing day-to-day living task, such as dressing, independently. Mr. Ver-Valin has discharged home with his loving sister.